KD Academy

There’s knowledge in beauty, and there’s beauty in knowledge

Learning lash extension techniques properly is a must for anyone serious about getting into the scene. With fully qualified, diligent and approachable trainers you’ll leave our courses certified and feeling confident in yourself and your skills.

In our courses you will learn not just how to apply lashes, but the science behind the products we use, techniques and methods for providing the best service. You will also learn how to look after your customers, market your brand and run your business.

Classic Beginner Lashes Course

Learn about lashes from scratch!

This in-depth course teaches you all things lashes – from lash health & safety to product knowledge, and even how to set up your business and social media.

4 Days - $1,800

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Handmade Lashes Volumes Course

Learn how to perfect your Handmade Volumes technique. Build on what you learned in the Classic Beginner Lashes Course and develop skills to provide tailored and unique services to your clients.

4 Days - $999

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Professional Lash Tech Course

We combine our Classic and Handmade Volume courses to turn you into an all-round professional lash technician. Leave our lash studio with all the knowledge from both courses and everything in between. We teach you how to build your lash boutique from the ground up, engage clients, set out and reach your goals.

6 Days - $2,500 (save $299)

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Lash Tech Mentoring & Skills Development Course

Are you a certified lash tech who doesn’t feel as confident about their skills as their clients should about their lashes? Don’t worry, we’re here to help teach you everything other training courses left out! Re-visit everything in depth and ask us absolutely anything you’re not confident about. We take the time to train you right and turn your business into a success.

4 Days - $1,300

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All our courses include an official KD lash tech kit with everything you need to start providing your own lash services

with over $600 worth of the good stuff!

Now all you need is a chair, a workbench and of course some clients!

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All our courses include ‘Infection Prevention Control’ Course by qualified technician and trainer Emily Lee, board member of NALA – National Association of Lash Artists. Make sure you’re taking good care of your clients and yourself!

*Students will need to successfully complete Infection Prevention Control and receive accreditation before being certified by Kosmetik Designs Academy.